About the Book

Praises for Surviving Divorce

“This is the best and most practical advice I have ever read on this subject. John Hollins, Jr. takes you through every step of the process with compassion and common sense.”

~ Fred D. Thompson
Former U.S. Senator and prominent trial attorney

“A comprehensive collection of sage advice to people going through the divorce process. If followed, outcomes should be improved and the quality of one’s life should be enhanced as well.”

~ Marlene Eskind Moses, Esq.
Former President of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and noted family attorney

Surviving Divorce should be the first book purchased by a young attorney specializing in family law, and it should be the most page-worn book in the seasoned family law practitioner’s library. John J. Hollins, Jr. shows his expertise of family law in a clear, concise and easy-to-read format. Even for the novice, it is easily understandable and enlightening. John, Jr. has plumbed the depths of his experience and has truly earned his reputation as an excellent family law practitioner.”

~ Linda Hollingsworth

Surviving Divorce offers helpful, practical and ethical advice to persons who are grappling with the many issues that surround divorce. This is a fine book that is of great benefit to people in need of wisdom, discernment and insight. Surviving Divorce is written in a concise and straight-forward manner to provide answers to the many questions that confront persons dealing with the challenges of a divorce.”

~ Sandra Randleman

“This book is a breath of fresh air, and has a common sense wisdom that will appeal to what is best in people who are going through the trauma of divorce. John has walked through this dark valley with many through the years, and the words he offers are born of years of real life experience. This is what people need at such a trying time. John offers help to people to find what Lincoln called “our better angels.”

~ Todd Jones
Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Nashville

“I just finished reading your book. It reminded me of Proverbs. There are some really poignant maxims for people who are contemplating or who are already going through a divorce.”

~ R. Lee Davies

“Good simple advise we divorce attorney give our clients, family and friends. John does a good job of putting all in one place and makes it fun too. I thank him for this great resource.”

~ Helen Sfikas Rogers
Attorney at Rogers, Kamm & Shea

“John’s book should be a required read for individuals going through a divorce. When I was going through my divorce, John’s book would have been a great resource. Unfortunately, I am back in the court system with custody issues, and this book is extremely helpful. Although I have read it several times, I still find solace in many of its pages, to which I refer often. When I question the sometimes absurd ways of family court litigation, I use it to ground myself – - sort of as a check to ensure I am on the high road and doing the right thing for the right reasons, even though the Court may not see it my way. Whenever I know of someone contemplating divorce, going through it, or involved in post-divorce issues, I will always recommend this book.”

~ Susan

“Even at its best, divorce is difficult and all parties suffer. Surviving Divorce , by John Hollins. is filled with practical information to help all involved maintain their dignity. John’s integrity and wisdom are evident as he walks the reader through the process from start to finish. His chapter on how divorce affects children is poignant as he touches on all aspects of a child’s feelings. He holds to the belief that, “What is best for your children should always come first.” John writes in a clear, concise language that is easy to understand. This book is a great source of guidance for those in need.”

~ Roxie Gibson

“When I first brought up the subject of divorce to my parents, my dad told me, “Get yourself a good attorney and listen to him. Do whatever he says.” It’s hard to say which advice served me better: John’s advice to me as my attorney or my father’s advice that led me to listen to John’s.

This book echos the advice that John has given me through the years. It is a quick, succinct reference that will guide you through some pretty stormy seas.He has never steered me wrong.

This book is also a clear reflection of John’s philosophy on family law: the welfare of the children is the most important thing. The grown-ups need to be grown-ups.Parents not only need to read this book, but they need to follow it’s instructions on helping children through what is undoubtedly a most difficult time for them.

Buy this book, refer to it often, and follow through on the advice.”

~ Stephanie Solima

“Surviving Divorce is a must read for those in the process of divorce or even considering it. I found it to be intelligent, insightful and comforting and a book to refer back to again and again.”

~ Shari Davis

“No one enters marriage expecting to divorce. Sometimes, though, our lives are broken and the unexpected becomes real. John Hollins, an experienced attorney and decent man, offers informed, practical advice to people going through a divorce. Though every divorce is painful, no divorce has to be ugly. Read this book!”

~ The Rev. Stuart Gordon

“John Hollins’ new boook Surviving Divorce may become the divorce lawyer’s new mandatory handout for divorcing parties.

Motivated by H. Jackson Brown’s work, Life’s Little Instruction Book, Hollins delineates tidbits of wisdom on the divorce process that only a seasoned divorce lawyer who is wholly familiar with the oddities contained in the fishbowl of divorce would know.

Seeing in print the many truths that apply when life is at its most topsy-turvy might be just the knowledge needed to bring comfort, clarity, and better decision making.”

~ C. Suzanne Landers, Esq.

“As a reader and former client of John Hollins, Jr., I recommend his book most highly. Laid out in pithy phrases, “Surviving Divorce” neatly encapsulates everything that you need to know in order to cope with the emotional brutality of divorce and emerge as a stronger person. Some phrases are elegantly simple, while others are imbued with rich, brilliant wisdom, like multi-faceted diamonds that split light into a prism of primary colors that were not apparent at first glance. As important as it is to read the book and reflect on it often, it’s even more critical to actually do exactly what it says, at every step of the way, as you go through your divorce. Failure to heed John’s wisdom could be costly and catastrophic for yourself and your children. Perhaps the most valuable advice, for me personally, was to maintain my composure, no matter how outrageous things got. It was also the hardest to follow. But the way John Hollins explains it in the context of the book was convincing, so I got the message, and got through my divorce in a fair, ethical manner. “Surviving Divorce” will show you how truth, ethics, and reasonableness are your most powerful allies in a divorce. The biggest mistake you can make is trying dirty tricks that you read on the internet. Judges will punish you harshly if you do it. But if you want an authoritative source of real wisdom and ethical tactics that work, read this book.”

~ Amazon Reviewer, MMT