A Lawyer’s Common Sense Guide To What You Should Know
Before, During, And After A Divorce

Nashville attorney John Hollins, Jr. began writing Surviving Divorce as a gift of “dos and don’ts” to his clients and friends on Christmas Day in 2008 at his kitchen table on a yellow legal pad. The result is a practical and easy-to-read guide to the legal process of divorce and its many complications gleaned from his representation of more than 1,000 clients in divorce and domestic relations cases. “The most universal thought of anyone going through a divorce is that it means I’m a failure as a spouse, parent or a person,” said Hollins. “This book is helpful for people thinking about a divorce, going through a divorce and for those who are affected by divorce. Each topic specifically addresses a particular subject and the book can be quickly read in its entirety or chapter by chapter. Sometimes the emotional toll takes so much out of an individual that a common sense approach to the legal process can make this difficult road a little easier to anticipate and to endure.”

He was inspired to write the book following discussions with his friend and New York Times best-selling author H. Jackson Brown of the Life’s Little Instruction Books series. After reading Surviving Divorce, Fred D. Thompson, former U.S. Senator and prominent attorney, had high praise for the book. “This is the best and most practical advice I have ever read on this subject,” said Thompson. “John Hollins Jr. takes you through every step of the process with compassion and common sense.”

In clear, straightforward language, Surviving Divorce explains what the laws of divorce and custody mean and how they work. In this rapidly growing era of technology and social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube used by many people, learn what not to do and what will be used in court. Even what to wear and what not to wear along with appropriate conduct before a judge are outlined. It also includes common sense advice to help individuals and their families to help weather the physical, emotional and spiritual stresses of divorce. From finding a lawyer to the final decree, this is an invaluable source of information, guidance and support.

Some of the Author’s Favorite Tips:

  • Divorce does not mean you are a failure as a spouse, a parent, or a person.
  • Spend less time worrying about who is right and more time worrying about what is right.  So do the right thing.  Always take the “high” road.  You will never regret it.
  • Your selection of a lawyer is as important as your decision to divorce.  A true professional will care about you as a person and not just as a client.
  • Your lawyer can’t work miracles.  He or she can only operate with the facts you provide, so always tell your lawyer the whole story – the truth and nothing but the truth.
  • Silence is golden when it comes to divorce.  Watch what you say and be extremely careful about confiding important details of your case to anyone.  Even your closest family members and friends can slip up and accidentally reveal something that could hurt your case.
  • When children are involved, parents must always honor their children by placing their best interest first.  Love your children more than you dislike your spouse, and put what’s important for them ahead of any personal animosity.